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How It Works

We found the process of data analysis very cumbersome. 80% of lap timer owners don't use their devices' full potential and just look at lap times. We wanted to make this process very easy, so that anyone could easily analyze their racing data.


Ride with your AiM device like a Solo 2 or a GoPro camera with GPS.


Connect your phone to the AiM device or GoPro camera via Wi-Fi and download your session data.


Review your lines, speeds, braking and acceleration points, compare to other laps and see how you can improve.


  • View sessions

    Easy access to each session and each lap. This way you can always refer to a particular lap.

  • Analyze

    You can analyze each lap to see why you’ve been fast or slow in a particular part of the track. You can analyze speed, acceleration or deceleration, as well as your line on the map.

  • Ultimate lap

    Your laps are divided into sectors. By taking the best sectors of different laps we can put together an ultimate lap. This way you can see what you are capable of if you get every part of you lap just right.

  • Compare

    In LapSnap, you can compare each lap with your best lap, ultimate lap or with someone else’s lap to see what you can do to become faster.

  • Leaderboard

    See how you stack up against other racers. Each track has a leaderboard.

  • Save vehicle settings

    Every session can contain your vehicle settings like suspension setup, gear ratio, the tires you use, etc. This way when you're coming back to a track, you can refer to the settings you used last time and not waste valuable track time finding settings that work.

AiM and GoPro compatible

The LapSnap app works with AiM devices which have Wi-Fi. These include the Solo 2, Solo 2 DL, MyChron 5S and more. You can connect directly to your AiM device, download sessions and analyze them several seconds later.

If you don't have an AiM device, you can use your GoPro camera to collect and analyze GPS data. All you need is to connect your phone to your GoPro camera and download the data.

AiM Solo

Visually intuitive

You can visualize each lap and see what happened. By comparing laps you can see how to improve. Which lines work better, what braking points are more effective, and where you should pick your throttle up. The fact that you can compare yourself to other riders is even more valuable, since you can share your experience and gain valuable information from other racers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

LapSnap works on Apple iPhones and iPads with iOS 11 and above and on Android phones and tablets with Android 5 and above.

Yes, you need an internet connection to work with LapSnap.

You need to make sure Wi-Fi is enabled on your AiM device or GoPro camera and that your phone is connected to it. You can verify this in your phone's Wi-Fi settings.

Next, launch the LapSnap app, click the plus button. Choose the file you want to download and click the download button.

Once the file is downloaded to your phone you will be prompted to apply the track, track condition and vehicle to this session. (FYI. Depending on your phone settings, you may need to connect to a different Wi-Fi or disconnect from your device's Wi-FI and use Cellular Data at this point, as you need an internet connection to continue.)

Downloading a 20 minute session from a GoPro takes about 30 seconds. AiM devices take can take from 10 to 40 seconds depending on the amount of channels in your session file. Uploading an AiM file to the server can take a few seconds, a GoPro file can take anywhere from 10 seconds to a couple minutes depending on your internet connection. In a few seconds it will appear in your list of sessions. You may need to pull to refresh your list of sessions, if a session is Processing.

We divide the lap into 4 sectors. And you can go faster in some sectors in one lap and then faster in other sectors the following laps. We take your best sectors from all laps and combine them into an Ultimate Lap, which you can potentially reach.

When we compare different laps, you can see what happened to both runs at a specific time. But it is more important to know what happened at a specific location. That is what Snap to Position is for: to see what the speed, acceleration and time delta were at a specific location of the track for both runs being compared.

Both AiM and GoPro GPS data are very accurate. However we can only display the data we get from them. If it was inaccurately collected due to poor satellite reception, it will not display correctly. GPS technology is not 100% accurate. You may see a slight shift in coordinates. In addition, Google Maps is not 100% accurate either, so the terrain image itself may be shifted slightly.

The delta time graph shows you where you gain or lose time compared to another lap. This way you can immediately identify what you were doing and areas to improve.

LapSnap currently works with AiM devices that have Wi-Fi capabilities, such as Solo 2, Solo 2 DL, MyChron 5S, various dashes etc.

You can also download data from GPS enabled GoPro cameras. These are Hero 5 Black and higher and Max.

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